The article portion of our website appears on our blog and should always be something about our main goal. Some examples are: importance of reading with your children, benefits of teaching sign language (or any language) at an early age, how to teach kids to draw, how to involve children in storytelling, what sort of activities are good for kids brains, etc.

Any research that has been done in the field of children regarding brain development, literacy, creativity, etc., is something we are interested in.

Other articles can include a wide array of topics that parents (most especially moms) are interested in, like: getting kids to eat healthy, easy & healthy recipes, craft and/or creative projects to do with kids, exercise advice, health advice, tips on better parenting, how to discipline children, etc.

We want strong, engaging, interesting, fact-based articles. We want personal experiences and stories to help other parents identify with what the article is about.

Article word counts may range between 500 to 2000 words. Call-outs are appropriate and and do not count toward the total word count.

Non-Fiction submissions (see Fun-Facts Friday and Totally-True Tuesday areas of the site) are accepted, as well. Choose any topic you want. The only requirement is that you write the non-fiction in a fun and engaging way!

PAYMENT: We currently do not pay for articles published on our blog. However, if you become a regular contributor, then we will feature you as a staff writer, including your photo and bio listed on our web site.

NOTE on FORMAT: Please NO double-spacing. Single spacing with two spaces between paragraphs is preferred. No indenting on paragraphs is preferred.  Only one space after periods, NOT two.

Please only submit ONE text file per submission. You may also attach and submit artwork, where appropriate.

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